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Don't Buy the Superior Boiler Ohio Special Until You Read This

Don’t Buy the Superior Boiler Ohio Special Until You Read This

Uniquely designed for optimum durability, reliability, and efficiency, the Superior Boiler Ohio Special can perform in the most strenuous and demanding environments. Each Ohio Special boiler is engineered to offer no more than 360 sq.-ft. of surface area for heating.

And when it comes to flexibility, the Ohio Special is in a class of its own — offering a 2-pass dryback design, 3-pass dryback design, and 3-pass wetback design to meet the unique needs of your facility and application. The Ohio Special offers a vast range of pressures ranging from 15 up to 300 PSI steam as well as 30 up to 160 PSI hot water.

You can also choose an Ohio Special boiler with sizes ranging from 80 up to a powerful 225 BoHP. This state-of-the-art boiler offers fuel flexibility with the ability to burn:

  • Hydrogen
  • #2 Oil
  • Propane
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    Natural Gas

As the authorized manufacturer's representative for Superior Boiler, ATI of New York is proud to offer the Ohio Special. Continue reading to learn more about the most innovative and cutting-edge features offered on the Superior Boiler Ohio Special.

The Ohio Special Includes a Large Corrugated Furnace

The Ohio Special is engineered with a large corrugated furnace. As a matter of fact, the average furnace on the Ohio Special is impressively 21% larger than other boilers, which can be attributed to the longer shell and furnace. And because the flame has to be contained inside of the furnace, the larger dimensions allow the burner to perform properly. This is especially vital for applications where Low NOx emissions are mandated.

The corrugation of the furnace allows it to better withstand the desired pressures. This design allows the boiler to absorb the natural contractions and expansions as the boiler is cycled. Boilers without corrugated furnaces are subjected to extremely large stresses, which reduces the overall life of the boiler. However, Superior's boilers will absorb the contracts and expansions to avoid ruptures in the tube sheets that are caused by excessive, repeated stresses.

And those tubesheets are an average of 40% thicker for added corrosion protection and strength. The chances of cracking a Superior Boiler Works, Inc. tubesheet is much lower than it would be with a boiler with thinner tubesheets.

Superior Insulation for Superior Efficiency

Among the other highly attractive attributes of the Superior Boiler, it offers high-efficiency operation. Much of the efficiency gains can be attributed to the fact that Superior doesn’t use fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass actually has a lower ‘R’ factor and density than mineral wool, which is the material used to achieve superior efficiencies.

Mineral wool is more efficient and firmer, which means more BTUs are kept in the boiler — instead of leaked into the rooms. Another defining feature of the Ohio Special is that Superior Boiler Works doesn't partially insulate their boilers. Instead, the entire boiler is insulated. While other boiler manufacturers only insulate the upper two thirds, Superior Boiler Works insulates the entire boiler to deliver better efficiencies.

Another factor contributing to the efficiency are the thickness and number of tubes. By using .105” thick wall tubes that are almost 10% thicker than those used by other manufacturers, the tubes are stronger and have a higher ability to resist corrosion. Due to the larger tube shell, Superior Boilers have fewer tubes. And fewer tubes means better heat transfer, which contributes to the higher efficiency.

The Ohio Special Offers Hassle-Free Maintenance

Regardless of how well the boiler is constructed, you’ll need to re-tube it at some point. Because of this, Superior Boiler includes hand holes in the front of the tubesheet. This type of forward thinking actually reduces the lifetime costs of the boiler and simplifies maintenance.

Without these handholes, you would be unable to replace the tubes when — not if — they need to be replaced in a cost-efficient manner. This would cause the cost of repair to skyrocket because the boiler would need to be ASME Certified after the repairs were complete. However, Superior Boiler, helps you avoid all of this by thinking in advance and creating boilers that last and are easy to maintain.

Contact ATI of New York for Superior Boiler Ohio Special

Since 1930, Superior Boiler Works, Inc. has delivered exceptional value, safety, and quality to customers across various industries. And ATI of New York is proud to offer the entire line of Superior Boiler Works equipment.

When it comes to choosing the best boiler for your facility, the experts at ATI of New York offer decades of experience helping facilities in the following industries:

We’ll listen to your needs and guide you toward the best solution. Contact ATI of New York today to learn more about the Ohio Special by Superior Boiler Works. 

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