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All About the Superior Boiler Mohawk 3-Pass Dryback Firetube Boiler

All You Need to Know About the Superior Boiler Mohawk 3-Pass Dryback Firetube Boiler

The Mohawk 3-pass dryback boiler boasts a scotch marine design engineered to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of today’s most demanding facilities. Each Mohawk is uniquely optimized with features that enhance its reliability, efficiency, and durability. As the intelligent option for your unique needs, it offers an expansive array of pressures ranging from 15 to 300 PSI steam and 30 to 160 PSI hot water.

You can choose Mohawk models ranging in sizes from 30 BoHP up to 1,000 BoHP. You can also equip your Mohawk with available NOx reduction technology to produce sub 9 PPM. Continue reading to learn a few of the top features and benefits of the innovative design of the Mohawk boiler.

Available Turbulators Add Maximum Efficiency

The Mohawk’s available turbulators are specifically designed to fit the boiler and improve the heat transfer efficiency. As combustion gasses flow past the turbulators, the geometry of the turbulator disperses the fluid/gas and forces it to mix, which adds additional turbulence. This disbursement allows the gases to transfer additional energy to the tube wall.

Complete Waterside & Tube Access for Maintenance Ease

Regardless of how sturdy or excellent a boiler is created, you’ll have to re-tube it at some point. All Mohawk boilers feature two 3” x 4” hand hole openings in the front tube sheet and two hand holes on the bottom centerline. You can even opt for an available manway that permits inspection of the bottom of the drum while facilitating tube removal and cleaning.

Without the hand holes, you would have to cut the tubesheet to repair it, which would cause the repairs to be exponentially more expensive due to the boiler needing to be ASME Certified following the repairs. However, the Mohawk’s standard hand holes allow repairs to be easier and less time consuming.

The Mohawk includes standard full front-end and fireside access. This innovative design reduces the need to disconnect fuel lines when maintenance functions or inspection is required. Simply put, Superior’s boilers are uniquely designed for you to spend less time with maintenance and more time paying attention to other sensitive matters.

Flexible & Customizable Packaged Burner Solutions

The Mohawk features a customized, proven packaged burner solution engineered to comply with UL requirements. Depending on your needs, the packaged burner solution can be customized to meet any other code requirement upon request, including:

  • NFPA 85
  • IRI
  • CSD-1
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Utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies, the boiler’s packaged burner solutions are ideal for hassle-free ownership.

Factory Fire Tested for Exceptional Effectiveness

Every packaged burner/boiler that leaves the Superior Boiler Works plant has been completely fire tested. All components have been carefully tested, and the proper air-to-fuel ratios are inspected for exactness. Although this extra step costs Superior additional money and time, it benefits you in multiple ways, such as cost savings and boiler longevity.

Enhanced Features for Improved Efficiency

Instead of using fiberglass insulation, all Superior Works Boilers use mineral wool. Fiberglass has a lower density and ‘R’ factor than mineral wool. By utilizing firmer mineral wool, more BTUs stay in the boiler and fewer are wasted into the room to produce higher efficiencies. In addition, Superior Boilers are never partially insulated. The Mohawk and other Superior Boilers are completely insulated — which is a huge improvement over other manufacturers who only insulate the upper two thirds.

Another factor that contributes to the Mohawk’s exceptional efficiency are the number of tubes. The Mohawk utilizes a larger shell and fewer tubes, it's able to achieve improved heat transfer as well as easier maintenance.

Larger Furnace for Low NOx Emissions and Longer Life

For long, trouble-free boiler life, it’s imperative the combustion is effectively completed inside of the confines of the firetube. And with the Mohawk’s massive corrugated furnace that is 21% larger than other competing boilers, the flame can be contained inside of the furnace. In addition, the larger dimensions mean the optimized performance of the burner is easier to obtain. This facet is especially important for applications where Low NOx emissions are required or mandated.

The Mohawk’s furnace design is also manufactured with thicker material than the minimal requirements by ASME. These innovative features allow a lower BTU per cu.-ft., which reduces the amount of scaling and stress on the furnace. In the end, all of these features and benefits lead to better efficiency results and a longer boiler life.

Contact ATI of New York for the Superior Mohawk

Since 1930, Superior Boiler Works has engineered unique, cutting-edge boilers. Superior has continued to deliver boiler solutions that provide exceptional value with a hyper focus on safety and quality. As the authorized manufacturer’s representative, ATI of New York offers the Mohawk as well as the entire lineup of Superior Boiler Works equipment. Best of all, we will listen to your needs and help you choose the best boiler for your needs.

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