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A Complete Guide to the Superior Boiler Apache: Is it Right for You?

A Complete Guide to the Superior Boiler Apache: Is it Right for You?

The Superior Boiler Apache is an extremely durable, reliable, and efficient two-pass dryback boiler engineered to produce in today’s most demanding environments. It offers the ability to produce steam from 15 up to 300 PSI and hot water from 30 up to 160 PSI. As the intelligent option for a wide range of needs, you can choose an Apache in sizes ranging from 40 up to 2,500 BoHP. This boiler also comes available with NOx reduction technology to sub 9ppm. A few key highlights of the Apache include:

  • 2-pass dryback design
  • Large furnace and rear turnaround volume for entire combustion
  • Corrugated furnaces on ASME Section I high pressure boilers
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    Packaged with Oil, Gas, or Combination Gas & Oil Burner
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    Roller-bearing supported single-hinged rear door that allows complete fireside access
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    Largest single furnace dryback design with economical operation and outstanding efficiencies

Largest Single Furnace Dryback on the Market

The Superior Boiler Apache offers the largest dryback furnace on the market. As a matter of fact, Superior boilers have furnaces that are on average 21% larger than any other boilers available on the market. This larger furnace can be attributed to the longer shell. These larger dimensions make proper burner performance and stability easier to obtain. If your application requires Low NOx emissions, this single facet can be critical.

Unparalleled Quality

In an effort to create the highest quality scotch marine boiler on the market, Superior Boilers started with in-design quality. All critical components, such as the furnace, tube sheet, and tubes were engineered to exceed ASME code for long-lasting quality.

As the most important component on any scotch marine boiler, the Apache’s tubesheet exceeds the ASME code thickness by 33% in high pressure units and by 25% in low pressure units. And the tubes are 10% thicker than the requirements mandated by ASME code with ¾” ligament spacing to deliver more spacious tube seating surface and a longer equipment life.

The Apache was created with a long furnace manufactured with thicker materials than required by the ASME. At the same time, the furnace is corrugated to effectively mitigate the negative effects of contraction and expansion.

Safety of the Apache Superior Boiler

All Superior packaged boilers are trimmed from the factory with the required code piping and safeties. These boilers are carefully inspected by independent, authorized code inspectors. Wired packaged and factory mounted; you can choose from virtually any burner manufacturer based on your preference. In either case, the standard burners do comply with UL requirements. The packaged Apache boilers can be factory fire tested to ensure electrical components operate properly and provide smooth ignition, which results in faster startups.

Simplified Maintenance

To ensure simple maintenance, the Apache includes handholes conveniently located in the front tubesheet. These handholes are a huge value add, considering the boiler will eventually need to be retubed. And without handholes, you would need to go through the arduous process of cutting the tubesheet, which can be very expensive considering the boiler would need to be ASME certified to complete repairs. Instead, Superior Boilers includes convenient pre-cut handholes that anticipate and simplify future maintenance.

Why Choose Superior Boilers?

Superior Boilers are highlighted by thicker tubes, large corrugated or crinkled furnaces, thicker tubesheets, and the ability to factory mount, wire and test UL  or CSA listed burners from every manufacturer. Even with all of those outstanding attributes, there are several additional features that make the Apache a great value.

Every Apache boiler comes with two 3" x 4" handhole openings in the front tube sheet and two handholes located on the bottom centerline. The Apache also includes an optional manway that allows easy inspection from the bottom of the drum and facilitates tube removal and cleaning. Full fireside access and front end access comes standard on every Superior boiler. This innovative design reduces the need to disconnect fuel lines when maintenance or inspection functions are necessary.

Contact ATI of New York for Superior Boiler Apache

The Superior Boiler Works' Apache is uniquely designed for optimized reliability, efficiency, and durability to meet the needs of today's most demanding environments. As the authorized manufacturer's representative for Superior Boilers, ATI of New York is proud to offer the Apache. We also offer the entire line of Superior Boilers as well as an array of other state-of-the-art equipment.

Whether you already know the exact boiler you need or if you need help choosing one, the experts at ATI of New York can help. Contact us today. 

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