Feeling the Pulse of the Pulse Domestic Water Heater

Feeling the Pulse of the Pulse Domestic Water Heater

Pulse Domestic Water Heater

The Fulton Pulse Domestic Water Heater (PDWH) is a remarkable, fully condensing unit with the ability to achieve efficiencies up to 99%. It utilizes the same world-class Pulse combustion technology as other Fulton Pulse systems. A few key highlights of the Fulton Pulse DWH include:

  • Rugged, robust, and reliable
  • Efficiencies up to 99%
  • Duplex stainless steel
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    Precise temperature control
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    Small footprint and can fit through the standard opening of a door
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    Ease of Installation

You can find the Fulton Pulse DWH as well as the entire lineup of Fulton’s cutting edge boilers at Applied Technologies of New York. As the authorized manufacturer’s representative for Fulton Boilers, we'll listen to your needs and guide you toward the best equipment. Continue reading to gain more insight into the Fulton Pulse Domestic Water Heater.

The Pulse Domestic Water Heater

The Pulse Domestic Water Heater features a high product mass as well as high pressure vessel water volume, which makes it exceptionally tolerant of a vast range of unpredictable system operating conditions perfect across an array of industries, including:

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical Processing
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    Commercial & Industrial Facilities
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    Military Bases & Government Facilities
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    Green Buildings
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    Custom Applications
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    Each Fulton PDWH is engineered based on decades of experience with Pulse combustion products.
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    Natural Gas or Propane Fuel
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    Input of 1,000,000 BTU/HR.
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    Output of 920,000 BTU/HR
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    Water Content of up to 42 Gallons

Key Benefits of Gas Pulse Combustion Technology

The application of the pulse combustion principle illustrates how fresh perceptions and changing needs can breathe new life into an old idea. The oldest patents related to this process of  burning in a resonating system were issued before the end of the 19th century.

Today, a new and advanced Pulse technology has finally found and proven its way to the water heater industry. Fulton has brought pulse combustion applications out of the residential and light commercial application to larger commercial/industrial heating uses.

When you choose the Pulse Domestic Water Heater, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

Exceptional Reliability

Without the need of a constant blower, the Pulse DWH uses flame sensing by pressure.  

Outstanding Durability

These water heaters are constructed to ASME Code. The design compensates for expansion and contraction which cause other water heaters to eventually leak or fail.

No Expensive Chimney Needed

The pulse combustion system is self-venting through a rugged vent crafted from stainless steel. Because the venting is through the sidewall, a draft fan isn't required.

Highest Efficiency Possible

Water heater efficiency is up to 99% depending on water temperature.

Simple Reliable Spark Plug Ignition

Instead of a complex start sequence or pilot, the PDWH only utilizes a small assist starting fan. After ignition, the fan is shut shut of to avoid the continuous electrical usage.

Gas and Pulse Combustion

By combining the nation's most abundant natural resource, gas, with the innovative Pulse technology, Fulton is able to create the cleanest and most efficient solution for industrial and commercial applications.

Meets or Exceeds New Emission Standards

NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) - often referred to as “smog” - are one of the main constituents to acid rain. Increasingly, environmental agencies are starting to deal with this growing problem by placing restrictions on the production of NOx. The Fulton Pulse Domestic Water Heater is engineered to meet or exceed standards, so you can remain in compliance.

Pulse Domestic Water Heater

Fulton Pulse DWH Boasts Quality Craftsmanship

The Fulton Pulse DWH tailpipes and combustor are crafted from Duplex 2101 stainless steel, which is the best solution for potable water applications. This state-of-the-art stainless steel is uniquely designed to resist chloride steel corrosion for several years and is commonly seen in high-end chemical process applications.

As an added bonus, all Fulton Pulse DHW boilers are meticulously crafted by hand by the manufacturer’s skilled craftsmen. This means you can count on the quality and durability Fulton has built their brand upon.

Contact Applied Technologies of New York for the PDWH

As a modern marvel, the Fulton Pulse Domestic Water Heater is a fully condensing unit boasting remarkable efficiencies up to 99%. Since it uses the same innovative Pulse combustion technology as the PHW, you'll enjoy a simple installation, a compact footprint, and exact temperature control.

Best of all, you can find the Pulse DWH at ATI of New York. We're the authorized manufacturer's representative for Fulton. In addition, our team will work to understand your facility's unique needs. Then we'll guide you toward the best equipment.

Contact ATI today.

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