Fulton VSRT Product Line Is the Gold Standard

Why the Fulton VSRT Product Line Is the Gold Standard

Fulton VSRT

In 1949, Fulton boilers engineered and delivered the world's first vertical tubeless design, which quickly raised the status quo for industrial steam boilers. For nearly 60 years, no other manufacturer has been able to enhance Fulton’s original design. Today, Fulton has raised the bar with the Fulton Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless (VSRT) boiler.

Thanks to a full suite of innovations, the Fulton VSRT product line has become the new standard for industrial steam boiler design. In addition, VSRT boilers utilize Fulton’s “PURE Technology” to produce reliable sources of steam across an array of industries. With PURE Technology, Fulton’s VSRT boilers are environmentally clean and boast exceptional energy efficiencies.

Even in the standard trim, all Fulton VSRT boilers are equipped with innovative technology and controls to produce cost savings as well as an added peace of mind for operators. Most importantly, the Fulton VSRT product line builds upon decades of excellence, which means it’s built to last.

At ATI of New York, you can explore the entire Fulton VSRT product line. Our seasoned sales engineers will listen to your facility’s needs and guide you to the best solution. Let’s take a closer look at the Fulton VSRT product line, including the VSRT 250.

The Fulton VSRT

As the world’s only and first spiral rib tubeless design, the VSRT is optimized to deliver the most heat transfer in a very compact space, which leads to the lowest operating costs. The Fulton VSRT product line offers a full range of innovative features designed to redefine expectations. It boasts:

  • A generous steam release area and tall steam space that results in the highest steam quality available at more than 99.75% steam quality.
  • The best of both worlds with industry leading efficiencies up to 86% with a turndown ratio of 10:1  and NOx emissions of less than 20 ppm as a standard function.
  • As a fully-wetted pressure vessel, every heat exchanger surface is water backed and has eliminated poured refractory from the design, which results in remarkably low jacket temperatures.
  • compact vertical footprint that can fit through a standard doorway (up to the 30 HP unit), which makes it the perfect solution for a retrofit and new system installations.

Fulton VSRT Models

The Fulton VSRT is a versatile, powerful, yet efficient boiler engineered to meet a seemingly endless array of needs. It’s regularly used in the healthcare and medical industry; food processing industry; pharmaceutical processing industry; commercial buildings; laundry and dry cleaning industry; breweries and distilleries; and more. Depending on your facility’s unique needs, you can choose from the following models:

  • VSRT 10 that produces up to 335 MBH,
  • VSRT 15 that produces up to 503 MBH,
  • VSRT 20 that produces up to 670 MBH,
  • VSRT 30 that produces up to 1,005 MBH,
  • VSRT 40 that produces up to 1,340 MBH,
  • VSRT 50 that produces up to 1,673 MBH, and
  • VSRT 60 that produces up to 2,000 MBH.

Fulton VSRT Product Line — VSRT 250

The Fulton VSRT 250 builds upon the remarkable features of the product line and takes performance to an entirely new level. It offers all of the benefits of the VSRT design to customers with larger, more stringent load requirements.

The VSRT 250 boiler is uniquely engineered for facilities that have higher steam demands, but still wish to enjoy industry-leading efficiencies. In fact, the VSRT boasts the ability to slash your facility’s fuel costs by as much as 20%.

While the standard VSRT product line tops out at 2,000 MBH output, the Fulton VSRT 250 delivers up to an impressive 8,333 MBH to meet even the most demanding facility requirements. A few of the key efficiency highlights of the Fulton VSRT 250 include:

  • The ability to achieve less than .25% standby loss with a maximum 3% gain in efficiency.
  • It offers the highest thermal efficiency of 86% — even if you don’t use an economizer.
  • This boiler boasts up to a 99.75% verified steam quality with a maximum 3% system efficiency gain.
  • The enhanced VFD burner motor helps achieve precise load tracking and reduced electrical consumption.
  • The 9ppm Low NOx burner optional without flue gas recirculation use.
  • It achieves up to an impressive 10:1 turndown with O2 compensation and linkageless controls that can produce an efficiency gain from 3% to a maximum of 15%.

Contact ATI of New York for the Fulton VSRT Product Line

In addition to the entire Fulton VSRT product line offering a vast range of innovative features, you’ll enjoy years of reliable, hassle-free operation. All of Fulton’s vertical tubeless boilers are built by the best craftsmen worldwide in order to meet and exceed customers needs.

The sales engineers at ATI of New York offer decades of experience helping businesses choose the best equipment for their facility. We’ll carefully listen to your needs and help you determine which Fulton VSRT will be best suited based on your requirements.

Contact ATI of New York today to learn more about the Fulton VSRT boiler.

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