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Why the Fulton Vantage Is Your Solution to the Westchester Natural Gas Moratorium

Why the Fulton Vantage Is Your Solution to the Natural Gas Moratorium

Fulton Vantage

Although the natural gas supply in the local Con Edison and National Grid territories is low, the Fulton Vantage is your solution to the natural gas moratorium! The Fulton Vantage hydronic condensing boiler takes the traditional firetube boiler design and enhances it for ultra-high efficiency hydronic applications.

Most importantly, the Fulton Vantage is your solution for the natural gas moratorium because it's the industry-first condensing boiler that operates on #2 oil as an alternate fuel.

ATI of New York can help you find a solution around the moratorium. Let's take a closer look at the natural gas moratorium and why the Fulton Vantage is the solution.

What Is the Natural Gas Moratorium?

On March 15, 2019, a moratorium on all new gas services in the local Con Edison and National Grid territories was put into effect. Applications for new natural gas connections won't be accepted until the supply can be better aligned with demand.

What's causing the shortage? 

  • The demand for natural gas has outpaced supply on the most frigid days
  • Constraints on interstate pipelines bringing natural gas to affected territories
  • The domineering preference for natural gas use in projects of new construction

New applications for natural-gas-fueled emergency generators and interruptible service will continue to be accepted. Learn more about the natural gas moratorium.

What Is the Fulton Vantage?

The Fulton Vantage condensing hydronic boiler is a world-class unit boasting the ability to meet a vast array of heating and application heat needs up to 6 Million BTU/hr. It's uniquely engineered for hydronic, high-efficiency heating applications, such as:

The Fulton Vantage features an extra durable vessel that has an excellent steel duplex design, state-of-the-art controls, diverse burner configurations, and high thermal efficiencies. In addition, the Fulton Vantage offers a lifetime thermal shock warranty.

Why the Fulton Vantage is the Solution to the Natural Gas Moratorium

The Fulton Vantage boiler is the perfect solution for projects impacted by the natural gas moratorium. What makes the Fulton Vantage unique is it's the first boiler to operate on #2 oil as an alternate source of fuel. As a condensing boiler with dual fuel capabilities, the Fulton Vantage allows you to circumvent the moratorium on natural gas and still continue your facility's operations by using oil.

Simple, Automatic Fuel Switchover

With the automatic switchover functionality, changing from natural gas to oil is as simple as flipping a switch. Once the #2 oil is selected, the Vantage control system will seamlessly load the proper fuel profile, which simplifies backup fuel switchover requirements.

Best of all, this same simplicity exists for propane fuel duel applications and natural gas dual fuel applications. In addition, a few key benefits of the dual fuel boiler include:

  • No gas pilot required on oil
  • Direct spark oil ignition
  • Doesn't require compressed air
  • Full BTU/HR input on both types of fuels

Full-Time Fuel Oil Boiler

Most impressively, you can run the Fulton Vantage as a full-time, fuel-oil boiler and still attain exceptional efficiencies:vessel

  1. You'll enjoy condensing operation on gas and <15 ppm sulfur on #2 oil,
  2. Non-condensing on standard #2 oil.

Create a Competitive Advantage with the Fulton Vantage

The cutting-edge Fulton Vantage combines modern condensing boiler efficiencies with industrial-grade firetube construction. It offers a High-Mass and High-Volume pressure vessel to consistently deliver exceptional tolerances for unpredictable conditions.

Modular Boiler Sequencing

The Vantage offers an optional touchscreen ModSync boiler sequencing panel that can integrate several Vantage boilers into an easy-to-use system. You'll have access to centralized intuitive monitoring of your entire plant.

It delivers best efficiency performance by matching boiler output to system load, which minimizes cycling and extends the life of your equipment. In addition, the Fulton Vantage is Modbus- and BACnet-configurable.

Durability You Can Rely On

The Fulton Vantage has been engineered with outstanding quality and reliability. It is designed for variable primary flow, which is a simplified piping method that reduces design complexity, enhances temperature control, and maximizes efficiencies by delivering the lowest water temperature directly to the boiler without blending.

Because of a full suite of innovations, the Fulton Vantage offers a Lifetime Thermal Shock Warranty.

Fulton Vantage

Significant Energy Savings

In addition to dual fuel capabilities, the Fulton Vantage delivers significant energy savings:

  1. Consistent Efficiency — Reliable performance through a range of different heating demands and environmental conditions.
  2. Precision Combustion System — Vantage boilers feature gas servo motors and linkageless air for unsurpassed repeatability.

Contact ATI of New York for the New Fulton Vantage

If you're looking for a way to circumvent the natural gas moratorium, the Fulton Vantage may be the solution you're looking for. However, you don't have to decide alone. ATI of New York is the authorized manufacturers representative for Fulton boilers. Our experienced sales engineers will listen carefully to your needs and guide you to the best boiler solution.

Contact ATI of New York today to learn more about how the Fulton Vantage can help you navigate your way around the natural gas moratorium.

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