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English Boiler O-Type Boiler Runs Circles Around Competing Boilers

English Boiler O-Type Boiler Runs Circles Around Competing Boilers

English Boiler O-Type Boiler

Boasting a robust range of capabilities and cutting-edge features, the English Boiler O-Type will meet your facility’s needs. The O-Type design offers the capability to achieve steam outputs of up to 250,000 PPH with pressures up to 900 psi.

While “D” type boilers offer certain limitations that are not suited for all facilities due to their shop assembled capacities and constraints with shipping, the English Boiler O-Type boasts a symmetrical furnace and a vertical flue exit. This design offers a balanced center of gravity and a narrow footprint. As a packaged system, the O-Type English Boiler includes everything necessary for your application or facility needs.

You can find the entire lineup of cutting-edge English boiler systems as well as the O-Type English Boiler at ATI of New York. We’re the authorized manufacturer’s representative for the leading boiler manufacturers in the world. Our experienced sales engineers will listen to your needs and guide you to the best equipment and comprehensive solution. Continue reading to learn more about the English Boiler O-Type.

A Deeper Look at the English O-Type Boiler

As previously mentioned, the O-Type design boasts the ability to produce steam outputs of up to 250,000 PPH with pressures achieving 900 psi. In comparison to the popular “D” type boiler, the O-Type can be more versatile. O-Type boilers are commonly fired using oil and natural gas as the fuel.

In most instances, the O-Type English Boiler comes fitted with a large combustion chamber on the front end. In addition, the “O” style boiler includes a symmetrical furnace with an optimized vertical flue gas exit that promotes a balanced center of gravity and narrow footprint.

This innovative placement allows the thermal heat generated to be utilized in conjunction with the “O” symmetrical furnace, overall narrow width, and vertical gas outlet.

English Boiler O-Type Boiler

Large Furnace with Low Emissions

The enlarged furnace of the O-Type boiler is created to promote complete combustion and low emissions. The innovative design of the furnace works to make sure sufficient oxygen is provided throughout combustion to produce reduced emissions.

Robust Packaged Boiler Capabilities

Regardless of your needs, the O-Type English Boiler offers the capability and flexibility to meet the demands of your facility. This packaged boiler offers capacities from 10 KPPH up to 250 KPPH.

Long Lasting Design 30+ Years

The O-Type boiler boasts top-of-the-line components that have been meticulously crafted to deliver years of consistently reliable use. Because of the attention to detail and quality components, most English Boilers will deliver over 30 years of use.

Factory Built, Field Erect an Modular Designs Available

The O-Type English Boiler is available in a factory built, field-erected design. This type of system accommodates the higher temperatures, enhanced steam flow, and higher pressures that are often required by power plants and other facilities demanding larger steam capacities. As a matter of fact, certain O-Type English Boiler models can deliver pressures up to 1,500 PSIG.

Radiant Superheater Design Available

In addition, the English Boiler O-Type offers a radiant superheater design option. The super heater can be used to convert wet steam or saturated steam into dry steam or superheated steam.

Why Choose the English Boiler O-Type?

Located in Henrico, Virginia; English Boiler has been continually recognized for delivering industry-leading and reliable solutions. Since 1963, English Boiler has continued to grow and stay on the forefront of innovation. Whenever you purchase an English Boiler from ATI of New York, you’ll enjoy decades of reliable performance and value.

Financing for the English Boiler O-Type

As the authorized manufacturer’s representative for English Boiler, ATI of New York will help you find the best solution. We will guide you from start to finish — from conception through to completion. Most importantly, we offer seamless financing options for the purchase of your English Boiler O-Type.

Whether you’re considering replacing your existing equipment or purchasing a new English Boiler, we can help. Best of all, you can finance your new or replacement boiler with no payments for 120 days. Learn more about financing your boiler with ATI of New York.

Contact ATI of New York for the English Boiler O-Type

If you’re looking for the best boiler room solution, ATI of New York will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We offer decades of experience helping businesses and facilities across an array of industries, including:

Contact ATI of New York today to learn more about the English Boiler O-Type.

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