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The Above-Average Features of the English Boiler D-Type Watertube Boiler

The Above-Average Features of the English Boiler D-Type Watertube Boiler

The D-Type industrial watertube boiler is a powerful solution to a vast range of industrial needs. Featuring design pressures up to 2,000 PSIG; the D-Type offers capacities that range from 10,000 lb/hr up to an impressive 550,000 lb/hr.

It boasts guaranteed emissions, efficiency, and fast, on-time delivery. In addition, the D-Type watertube boiler can deliver saturated and/or superheated steam to power through the most rigorous applications. Continue reading to learn more about some of the most above-average features of the D-Type watertube boiler.

Large Furnace

The large furnace of the D-Type industrial watertube boiler is engineered to ensure complete combustion. Featuring an innovative design, the robust furnace ensures there will be enough oxygen readily available throughout combustion to fully oxidize the carbon atoms. The larger furnace surface area promotes increased carbon dioxide levels, which is the key byproduct of efficient production.

Expansive Packaged Boiler Capabilities

Regardless of your needs, the D-Type industrial boiler offers the flexibility and capability to meet the demands of your application or facility. Packaged boiler capacities range from 10,000 lb/hr up to 550,000 lb/hr. In addition, the D-Type offers design pressures up to 2,000 PSIG.

Dual Burner Design

The D-Type industrial boiler offers a dual burner design allowing capacities over 300 kpph for more control and more power.

Ability to Produce Saturated as well as Superheated Steam

The D-Type industrial watertube has the unique ability to produce both saturated steam as well as superheated steam based on the needs of your facility or application.

Saturated Steam

Saturated steam occurs at pressures and temperatures where water (liquid) and steam (gas) can coexist. This happens when the rate of water vaporization is equal to the rate of condensation. Saturated steam offers several properties that make it excellent for industrial heat.

  • The even, rapid heating through latent heat transfer leads to improved productivity and product quality.
  • The high heat transfer coefficient requires a smaller heat transfer area
  • Since pressure can control temperature, the saturated steam temperature can be precisely and quickly established.

Superheated Steam

The D-Type boiler can also produce superheated steam temperatures up to 900°F. Superheated steam is produced by further heating the steam beyond the point of saturation. The result is steam with a lower density and higher temperature than saturated steam at the same pressure.

Superheated steam is excellent for drive/propulsion applications, such as turbines. Superheated steam isn’t usually used for applications of heat transfer.

Flexible Fuel Requirements

The D-Type boiler is flexible enough to operate on:

  • Oil,
  • Natural gas,
  • Off gases, and
  • arrow-right
    Refinery gases.

Long-Lasting Design

Each component on the D-Type has been meticulously crafted to provide years upon years of reliable use. As a matter of fact, its robust design typically yields life spans averaging over 30 years.

Available Field Erect Designs

The D-Type English Boiler is available in a field erected design. These systems provide greater steam flow, higher pressures, and the higher temperatures required by power plants and other operations where large steam capacities are needed.

Why Choose the English Boiler D-Type Watertube Boiler?

As a domestic company in Henrico, Virginia, English Boiler, LLC is recognized for providing industry-leading watertube boilers. Since 1963, the company has grown and remained on the forefront of innovation. And when you purchase the English D-Type Watertube Boiler, you’ll enjoy decades of quality, performance, and value.

Contact ATI of New York for the English D-Type Boiler

Applied Technologies of New York is proud to offer the D-Type watertube boiler as well as the entire cutting-edge lineup of English Boiler equipment. Whether you already know the exact boiler you need or if you’re just getting started, the experts at Applied Technologies of New York offer decades of experience helping facilities choose the best equipment.

We work with business across an array of industries, and we specialize in helping customers in:

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