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Cleaning up the Confusion Surrounding Boiler Deslagging

Any boiler burning anything other than natural gas will produce build up and require boiler deslagging. Oil, coal, biomass, and waste fuels all create ash, which accumulates on the outside of the boiler as slag. Boiler deslagging is a method of removing these pollutants, which typically result in the reduction of harmful emissions, mitigating the likelihood […]

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4 Different Designs of the Fire Tube Boiler

Fire tube boilers are designed to transfer hot gases from the heating source and cycle these gases through tubes that circulate through a drum filled with water. This process effectively transfers the heat from the gas into the water, which effectively generates steam. Due to this relatively simple design, fire tube boilers are easy to operate […]

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5 Factors Killing Your Industrial Boiler Efficiency & What to Do About It

According to the ASME Energy Balance Method of calculating industrial boiler efficiency, you should account for convection losses, radiation losses, and stack losses. However, you should dig a little deeper to understand the factors that directly affect these important readings, which ultimately affect industrial boiler efficiency. In general, the design of your boiler is imperative. Even […]

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Industrial Boiler MACT Compliance

FAQs About Industrial Boiler MACT Compliance: What You Need to Know

In efforts to battle air pollution, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released the Industrial Boiler MACT. This legislation is an extension of the National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP), which was issued initially by the EPA on April 29, 2010. The original bill was designed to reduce the production of hazardous air […]

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Boiler Breakdown

Getting to the Bottom of the Boiler Blowdown Procedure

The boiler blowdown procedure is the purposeful discharge of water from the boiler. This practice works to avoid the build-up of concentrated impurities inside of the system. These byproducts and impurities are the result of the continual evaporation of steam. While most people think boiler water is pure, it’s actually chemically treated in a manner similar […]

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Steam Boiler vs Hot Water Boiler

When it comes to the steam boiler vs hot water boiler, the operating principles are more or less the same. Both steam boilers and hot water boilers (also called hydronic boilers) involve the heating of water and creation of steam through the burning of fuel. The heated water is transmitted through boiler tubes, while the […]

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How to Reduce NOx: A Guide to Low Emission Boilers

Across the United States, there are over 60,000 industrial boilers, and virtually everyone wants to know how to reduce NOx. Whether you have a large utility boiler or industrial boilers, it’s important to have a significant focus on NOx reduction. to learn more about innovative ways of how to reduce NOx.How Is Nitrogen […]

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Choosing the Best Condensing Boiler

Choosing the best condensing boiler for your facility will have significant, long-term energy implications. Even so, this purchasing decision is typically undertaken without considering all of the possibilities and options. If you choose the right boiler for your facility, it can continue to meet your facility’s needs for decades. As a result, it’s important to consider […]

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