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All About the Fulton Classic: A Premium Vertical Tubeless Boiler

UPDATE: Since this article was written, the Fulton Classic has been merged into the Fulton Edge.​To request more information about the Fulton Edge, click here and submit the form. The Fulton Classic™ is the manufacturer’s original vertical tubeless boiler available for hot water and steam applications. Highlighted by a trouble-free, compact, and simple design, Classic boiler […]

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5 Easy Ways to Increase Boiler Efficiency & Save Money

Across the United States, industrial boilers account for approximately 37% of the total energy consumed in the industrial sector. Fortunately, there are several ways you can increase boiler efficiency, ranging from no-cost options, low-cost options, up to large capital improvements, such as a new boiler installation. A few of the most effective ways to increase […]

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Top Boiler Safety Issues Every Facility Should Avoid

According to the National Fire Protection Journal, failure of boiler safety protocol can result in explosions and catastrophic fires. These incidents cost the industry hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Although these statistics are exponentially better than they were a century ago, there is still much room for improvement. The following information explains some of […]

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Fulton VSRT Series: Is This the Future of Steam Boilers?

Originally, the vertical tubeless boiler was founded in 1949 by Lewis Palm, which resulted in the beginning of Fulton Boiler Works. Since then, Fulton has continued to transform the industry. Today, Fulton Boilers brings an entirely new innovation to the market with PURE Technology. PURE Technology represents the ground-breaking engineering philosophy behind a new generation of […]

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About Our In-House Boiler Inventory & Why It Matters for You

Applied Technologies of New York is the premier representative for the leading boiler manufacturers in the world. With the goal of providing the highest level of service to our customers, we’re continually looking to use innovation to improve our processes and gain a competitive advantage. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on delivering a world-class experience to […]

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Endura Plus Boiler

A Closer Look at the Endura Plus (EDR+) Ultra Low Condensing Boiler

While some boilers are designed to simply meet the status quo, the revolutionary Endura+ Condensing Hydronic Boiler breaks the mold and redefines the standards in firetube condensing boilers. This cutting-edge boiler is enhanced by Fulton’s PURE Optimized Technology and includes state-of-the-art features. The Endura+ offers an ultra-compact design and outshines the reliability and performance of competing […]

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Why Should Plants Use a Deaerator for Boiler Feed Water?

Deaerators are large, tank-car-shaped, pressure vessels designed to produce preheated boiler feed water and bolster the efficiency of the boiler’s operation. In addition to preheating the feedwater, deaerators remove oxygen and carbon dioxide. These vital pieces of equipment are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, steam pressure ratings, and capacities. to learn […]

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