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Power Flame Type CX

Feel the Heat from the Power Flame Type CX

If you’re looking to heat water or similar aqueous solutions for different commercial and industrial process applications, the Power Flame Type CX will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. The dynamic Power Flame Type CX Burner is engineered with an innovative, induced draft technology that fires directly into immersion tube heat exchangers with a […]

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Re-Verber-Ray HLV Series

Efficiently Heat Massive Areas with the Re-Verber-Ray HLV Series

If you need a specialty heater for vast commercial or larger industrial applications, the Detroit Radiant Products Re-Verber-Ray HLV Series is up for the task. This innovative two-stage, multiple burner system is the premier solution for applications where reduced penetrations are needed while covering a greater area with heat. The HLV Series boasts potential operating […]

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Re-Verber-Ray SS Serie

The Re-Verber-Ray SS Series Shines in Wet & Harsh Environment

If you’re considering powerful, commercial, gas-fired infrared heaters for specialty applications, the Detroit Radiant Stainless Steel (SS) Series boasts innovative features and substantial capabilities for a range of environments. In fact, these infrared heaters are regularly used in many contaminated, wet, and harsh environments. At Applied Technologies of New York, we are the authorized manufacturer’s representative […]

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Commercial Boiler

A Guide to Commercial Boiler Energy Efficiency

Regardless of your industry, energy efficiency should be on top of mind if you’re considering a commercial boiler. In addition to being the better solution for the environment, choosing a more energy-efficient commercial boiler means substantial fuel savings, proactively navigating potential legislative and regulatory issues, and a host of other benefits. However, choosing the most energy […]

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Re-Verber-Ray SW Series

Re-Verber-Ray SW Series Shines the Brightest

The Re-Verber-Ray Short-Wave (SW) heaters are a modern marvel. The Re-Verber-Ray SW2 Series heaters boast the remarkable ability to produce both visible light energy as well as infrared heat. The source of the energy is generated by short wave electric lamps enclosed in an attractive package.The Re-Verber-Ray SW2 is offered in an array of colors, casing, […]

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Power Flame Director SCS

Gain More Control with the Power Flame Director SCS

The Power Flame Director SCS (Supervisory Control System) is a world-class burner management system that provides access to critical burner functions and an array of information on a 10” color touch screen display. This system enables you to gain complete and accurate control and supervision of your boiler and burner operations. In addition, you can […]

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Enjoy Economical Heating with the Re-Verber-Ray DET3 Series

If you’re looking for a commercial/industrial and economical heating solution, the Detroit Radiant Products Re-Verber-Ray DET3 Series low intensity tube heater will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. The DET3 is a highly efficient, two-stage low intensity tube heater designed to save valuable energy dollars while providing more comfort.  At Applied Technologies of New York, […]

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Case Study: Expanding the Capabilities of LNK International

Nestled in Hauppauge, New York, LNK International is one of the largest manufacturers of liquid dose and solid dose, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. As a family owned and operated company, LNK International has spent the last three decades developing an impeccable reputation for delivering the best quality products, driving innovation, and backing it all up with outstanding […]

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