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Technical Services

At Applied Technologies of New York we pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of clients with the highest quality technical service. Since our founding in 1995, we've provided heating and ventilation solutions to clients within the healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and education sectors all at very competitive rates.


Call our dedicated technical services phone line to speak with one of our factory-trained experts:

While we at Applied Technologies of New York are the premier manufacturer's representative for the leading boiler producers in the world, our sister company ATI Technical Services provides end-to-end technical solutions for business owners and facility owners across the tri-state area.

The factory-trained technicians at ATI Technical Services will inspect and repair gas boost systems, burners, water heaters, steam and hydronic boilers as well as gas-fired heating and ventilation systems for commercial and multi-family residential clients.

The team at ATI Technical Services brings years of experience, technical training, and expertise working with a variety of heating systems. Our overall goal at Applied Technologies of NY is not just to sell you boiler equipment. We also want to provide seamless technical services after the sale to ensure your equipment is operating as safely and efficiently as possible--which is how ATI Technical Services, Inc. came to be.

Comprehensive Technical Service Department

ATI Technical Services employs highly-skilled and certified technicians. Our technicians utilize the latest and most advanced technology to repair, update, and service equipment, such as boilers, burners, and ventilation systems. We provide a long list of solutions for a variety of equipment manufacturers, including:

  • Fulton
  • Hurst
  • Columbia
  • Weil-McLain
  • Power Flame

ATI Technical Services is known for delivering responsive support, prompt communication and reliable results. Best of all, we offer convenient scheduling and onsite consultations based on the unique needs of your facility.

The certified boiler technicians at ATI Technical Services will come to your business to regulate low-pressure as well as high-pressure boilers. Our technicians can provide you with temperature and pressure readings to ensure your boiler is working properly and make repairs where necessary. We also respond to emergency calls and provide routine boiler maintenance for commercial and multi-family residential properties.

Highly-Skilled Certified Technicians

ATI Technical Services employs technicians that are certified, licensed and ready to help your organization with cost-efficient heating solutions. These certified technicians have been trained to service a diverse portfolio of heating and ventilation systems and equipment. Whether you’re in need of routine boiler inspections, part or equipment repairs, require system start ups and more, ATI Technical Services will get the job completed efficiently and effectively.

Inspections, Repairs, and Replacement Parts

With help from Applied Technologies of NY, ATI Technical Services has access to a large inventory of parts, which can ensure you get timely and cost-efficient boiler inspections, repairs, replacement parts, and regular maintenance. Our boiler technicians are registered and licensed to work with gas-fired heating and ventilation systems, gas boost systems, water treatment systems, as well as steam and hydronic boilers.

Boiler Maintenance & Routine Service

Even if you're not currently experiencing problems with your boiler, your boiler should be inspected at least once annually to ensure it's operating at the highest energy efficiency and providing safe heating to your facilities. ATI Technical Service’s certified technicians will provide visual and closer diagnostic tests of your boiler's burner, supply and return lines, and heat exchangers to ensure that everything remains in safe working order.

They will ensure your gas pressure as well as flow and combustion conditions are optimized to meet energy-efficient standards and work to the manufacturer's specifications. Our technicians will also check your fans, seals, burner, exchangers, and electrical connections to provide peace of mind - knowing your boiler is meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Service for Accessories and Auxiliary Equipment

In addition to technical solutions for the main equipment, ATI Technical Services also offers solutions for accessories and auxiliary equipment. Our certified technicians will service hydronic and steam boiler accessories, including:

  • Blow-off tanks and separators
  • Condensate return systems
  • Boiler feed systems
  • Pumps for larger industrial boilers
  • And more

Contact ATI Technical Services

Call ATI Technical Services at (631) 761-9268 today to schedule an appointment or complete the online contact form for service.