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Fulton Water Heaters and Boilers

Fulton Boiler Company is well known in the water heater/boiler industry as a name you can rely on to deliver the highest levels of performance, durability, and fuel-efficiency, and ATI is proud to facilitate the purchase of their products.

Fulton manufactures an extensive line of high-quality steam/hydronic boilers and water heaters. Their most popular products include the following:

The Pulse HW (PHW) Fully Condensing Hydronic Boiler

The PHW uses a special combustion process that results in exceptionally high heat-transfer rates. Additionally, its self-aspirating design eliminates any need for a blower motor.

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The Endura (EDR) Condensing Hydronic Boiler

The Endura's design rests on a quarter-century of experience in the industry. Its welded construction, top-quality materials, and vertical fire-tube platform are ideally suited for numerous commercial applications.

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The Vantage (VTG) Fully Condensing Hydronic Boiler

The Vantage uses an innovative #2 oil back-up fuel system that can be automated for ease of operation. It can also use natural gas or propane fuels as needed.

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The Classic (ICW) Vertical Tubeless Hot Water Boiler

Even 60 years after its initial development, the Classic remains a popular Fulton boiler for its simplicity, reliability, compact design, and wide range of commercial/industrial applications, and 80% efficiency.

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The Edge Vertical Tubeless Boiler

The Edge essentially adds a carefully engineered Flue Gas Enhancing System to the Fulton Classic boiler to achieve a fuel efficiency of 84% without shortening lifespan.

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The Tribute Vertical Tubeless Boiler

The Tribute is Fulton's most advanced vertical tubeless boiler, including such features as a pre-mixing burner, a variable-speed fan, and high-tech controls. It is also low-NOx and 84% efficient.

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The Vertical Multi-Port (VMP) Hot Water Boiler

The VMP is a thick-walled boiler series with schedule-80 flue pipes welded onto the pressure vessel. These pipes are water-backed, which speeds start-up time and makes for more even heat-distribution.

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FB-S Horizontal Fire-tube Boiler

The FB-S is a three-pass, wetback, horizontal fire-tube boiler. It is corrugated for maximal efficiency and minimal stress. Its exhaust vent is conveniently placed on the back of the boiler.

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The FB-W Electric Hot Water Boiler

The FB-W is nearly 100% efficient, zero-NOx, and extremely safe and quiet to operate. Its necessary operating pressure is reached quickly for fast start-up.

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The Pulse DWH Domestic Water Heater

The PDWH uses the same combustion technology as Pulse hydronic boilers. It is a fully condensing water heater with up to 99% efficiency and remarkable durability.

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