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Industrial Boilers, Burners & Combustion Systems Blog - ATI of NY
English Boiler Ds Type Boiler

An Informative Guide to the English Boiler Ds Type Boiler

The English Boiler Ds Type Boiler boasts an unmatched compact footprint, unparalleled reliability, and the power to meet the needs of most facilities. This series of industrial watertube boiler is uniquely designed to meet the rugged requirements of industrial applications. The English Boiler Ds Type Boiler offers capacities ranging from 10,000 lb./hr. up to an […]

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Fulton Blow-Off Tanks

Are Fulton Blow-Off Tanks the Best Way to Blow Off Steam?

Fulton blow-off tanks are commonly called blowdown tanks. A blow-off tank receives intermittent, bottom boiler blowdown water and safely cool it to the proper temperature for disposal.As the preferred manufacturer’s representative for Fulton Boilers, ATI of New York offers the full lineup of Fulton blow-off tanks. Our experienced sales team will carefully listen to your […]

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Boiler Loans

Easy and Fast Boiler Loans and Replacement Boiler Financing

Applied Technologies of New York has recently started a new financing arm by pairing up with LEAF Financing. We are now able to offer boiler financing loans and replacement boiler financing loans for equipment starts, boiler purchase, equipment installation, and more. By doing so, we’re better able to offer you the comprehensive, end-to-end solutions you […]

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Fulton Blowdown Separators

What Are Fulton Blowdown Separators?

Fulton’s blowdown separators are designed to safely separate steam vapor from the blow-off water of your boiler. This critical piece of equipment transports water from your boiler during blowdown and safely reduces it to the proper atmospheric pressure for disposal.As a leader in boiler equipment and technology, Fulton’s blowdown separators are engineered with the same […]

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Fulton Feedwater/Condensate Return Systems

A Complete Guide to Fulton Feedwater/Condensate Return Systems

Fulton’s feedwater/condensate return systems are designed to facilitate the safe and efficient storage and pumping of condensate as well as make-up water back to your boiler. These critical systems help increase the safety, reliability, and the useful life of your system. By offering a comprehensive solution for storing make-up water and return condensate, Fulton’s feedwater and […]

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Pulse Domestic Water Heater

Feeling the Pulse of the Pulse Domestic Water Heater

The Fulton Pulse Domestic Water Heater (PDWH) is a remarkable, fully condensing unit with the ability to achieve efficiencies up to 99%. It utilizes the same world-class Pulse combustion technology as other Fulton Pulse systems. A few key highlights of the Fulton Pulse DWH include: Rugged, robust, and reliable Efficiencies up to 99% Duplex stainless […]

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Commercial & Industrial Boiler Financing

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